Three Principles Coaching – What is it?

The moment we are born, each and every one of us receives three incredible gifts that allow us to experience and navigate life. However, since those amazing gifts don’t come with an explanation or manual, and few of us are fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by people who can explain those things to us either – we don’t recognize and understand those gifts, and therefore, as time goes by we grow more and more dissatisfied and frustrated with life. A Three Principles Coach can explain to you what the three gifts are, what their nature is. This understanding will allow you to navigate life with much more ease and grace. You will better understand life, yourself, and other people. You will understand how to navigate life without burning out, without stress and strain.

Let me explain what I mean by comparing our experience of navigating life to the experience of navigating the ocean. I first heard the metaphor of «Living like a sailboat or a motorboat» from my mentor George Pransky. Here’s my take on it:

Imagine we were all little boats, and each of us received the following gifts at birth: the Wind, a Sail and a Rudder. The Wind is the energy of life, the Sail allows us to be aware of that energy, and the Rudder allows us to navigate and feel life. Together, they allow us to have an experience of sailing.

However, since no one explained those gifts to us, and they didn’t come with a manual… we try to navigate as best we can, stumbling and struggling on the way. We’re not sure what each thing is for, how the whole system works together, how to navigate… With trial and error we manage to move forward on the ocean of life, but it isn’t easy. We’re not sure exactly how it all works.

At some point we get discouraged. We conclude that the system is broken, we are ill-equipped for the ocean, the gifts we got are pretty useless. Sailing just doesn’t work.

Over the years, different people try to give us tips for better sailing. They found that different practices or routines like chanting, meditation, affirmations, or all kinds of other things had greatly enhanced their sailing experience, so we give it a try. One day as we are trying to navigate we start saying affirmations, and we have a very smooth day of sailing, so because we don’t understand the system, we falsely conclude that affirmations are an essential aspect of sailing through life. However, to our dismay, we notice that affirmations don’t always seem to help… it’s kind of hit or miss.

All around us, we see a lot of motorboats in the ocean. They seem to have figured out a way to go from A to B quite efficiently. So we decide to get ourselves one of those «engines» too. Surely, they cost a lot. We have to work very hard and very long in order to get one. They also need to be constantly refuelled. And the price of fuel seems to be going up day after day. Instead of using the wind, which is available and the natural source of energy, you have to do it all yourself, it’s all on you, the wind doesn’t even help you. But it seems like a much better way to navigate life. You get in the sea, turn on the engine and push push push to get from A to B.

However, at some point we start to feel that there’s something fundamentally wrong. This way of life isn’t feeding us, it seems very unnatural, it’s not sustainable… we grow more and more tired, we burn out, we get depressed. Those are all symptoms of the mis-use of our three beautiful gifts. We get more and more estranged from our true nature. We look for another way. Surely, there must be more to life than this?

That’s when you meet a Life-sailing Coach, who teaches this approach called «The Three Principles». What this coach does, is he or she explains to you what Wind, Sail and Rudder are, what their nature is, what their individual function is, and how they all work together beautifully to allow you to experience, feel and navigate life. Once you understand this, sailing through life becomes a lot easier. You realise you don’t need all your practices and routines and other superstitions. You finally understand how sailing works. Because you understand the nature of Wind, you learn to be grateful when there is some, and graceful when there is none. You learn to fully harness its power by understanding the nature and function of the Sail. Thanks to your new understanding of the Rudder, you learn how easy and simple it is to navigate.

The Life-sailing Coach doesn’t give you any new gifts, any tools or techniques. He or she simply explains to you what those gifts are that you received at birth, what their nature is, what they do. Once you understand those gifts, your coach is not going to tell you where to sail to, or how… now you understand sailing you will make up your own mind about all that. With your new understanding, you will now know how to go with the flow of life, how to navigate with more ease and grace, without any risk of burning out, … You will understand the phenomenon of weather, what the nature of storms is, why there are days with less wind, or less clarity due to fog… but since you understand that that can happen, it won’t freak you out as much.

But of course, we are not boats, we are human beings, and the gifts we receive at birth are Mind, Consciousness and Thought. Mind is the energy of life, Consciousness allows us to be aware of that energy, and Thought allows us to navigate and feel life. Together, they allow us to have an experience of life. A word of caution: Three Principles teachers use the words Mind, Consciousness and Thought in a very different way that you are used to, and they point to some very powerful concepts that can not be explained here on this website in a couple of sentences. If you want to know more about those wonderful gifts, and better understand how life works, contact me and we’ll have a chat.

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