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In December, many people start thinking about what they want for themselves for the coming year. I usually refrain from giving advice. But today I want to make an exception.

I strongly advice that you make your mental clarity your absolute priority for 2016.

You can replace “mental clarity”, with mental health, healthy psychological functioning or well-being. These are just different words to describe the same thing.

Let me explain.

In essence human beings have only 2 basic modes: “Clear” and “Not clear”. There are a million different ways to describe these 2 modes. Here are some examples:
“Psychologically healthy” and “Not psychologically healthy”;
“Balanced” and “Not balanced”;
“Stable” and “Not stable”;
“Secure” and “Insecure”;
“In the moment / present here and now” and “Lost in thought”.

At any given moment you’re either in one mode, or in the other.

The “clear” mode is our default setting. It’s who we really are. It’s our true nature. The other mode is a temporary departure from our true nature. That’s why you can also describe the 2 modes as: either you’re “yourself” or you’re “not yourself”.

Understanding this fundamental fact about human beings is absolutely crucial, and this is why I have written many articles about this topic already. In these articles, I have tried to describe this phenomenon of “modes” in different ways:

In “Need to make a decision? Three important questions to ask yourself” I asked: are you clear or are you in a reaction? Are you acting from wisdom or from an emotional reaction?

In “If he loved me, he wouldn’t do that” I pointed out that we can be clear, or we can be caught up in our personal thinking.

In “How the intelligence of the system can do the work for you” I explained that you can live from wisdom or live from the intellect.

In “How to stay on the road, and out of the emotional ditch” I described it as “being on the road” or “being in an emotional ditch”.

In “What to do when you’re not yourself!” I made the distinction between being “yourself” or “not yourself”, being “sane” or “crazy in thought”.

In “What chili peppers can teach us about emotional reactions” I said that sometimes you feel “normal” and sometimes it’s as if you just “bit into a chili pepper”.

In “Wait a minute, is this wisdom speaking or is this crazy talk?” I talked about “wisdom” and “crazy talk”.

And finally, in “Check yourself before you wreck yourself (Don’t drive around with a dirty windshield!)” I pointed out that sometimes your psychological windshield is “clean” and sometimes it’s “dirty”.

Different metaphors, different words, but 1 basic truth: sometimes we’re clear, and sometimes we’re not. And everything works better when we are clear.

As I wrote before, I strongly suggest that you make “being clear” a big priority for next year. I can’t think of anything that could be more important than that. When your mental clarity improves, your whole life improves. You find more happiness, satisfaction and joy. You’re be more productive, more intelligent, more successful and more creative. What could be more important than that?

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